Welcome to the Gamesection!!!

Love and Hate have become game characters! Hope you like the game and have a great time together with Love, Hate and the Other Ones.

Happy playing …


What happened so far…

LOVE and HATE (the two main characters) used to live happily on a hill. One day a strange red alert button appeared out of nowhere. HATE ignored it as he always does with new things but LOVE was curious. He wondered what would happen when he would push it and so he did. A blue light appeared and in the next moment LOVE and HATE found themselves (together with the red alert button) trapped in a small cave. Now the only chance for them to return home is to work together to reach the red button and hopefully get teleported back to their hill…

play episode 1

(depending on your internet connection it can take a while till the game starts)

About Love, Hate and the Other Ones is  now officially
available at the AppStore.
About Love, Hate and the Other Ones is also available for mac,pc and linux!

here´s a gameplayvideo.

…and here are some stills of the first version of the game…

…and here are some preview stills of the iPhone-version


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