Preview of the upcoming episodes of Love and Hate

Here´s a first preview of an animated episode with Love and Hate who are confronted with the military one…

play trailer

Episode 2 is in development

After I finished my graduation I finally found the time to organize the next release.
The second episode of the game „About Love, Hate and the other ones“ will be released on the iPad/iPhone. There are two cool guys (Simon-Lennert Raesch and Stephan Göbel)  who handle the programming part of the next release and me who will be responsible for the artwork and the level-design. So stay in touch, we will post news of the production process to keep you informed.

have a nice day…


The shop is online!!!

Now you can get a shirt with LOVE. New motives will be available soon. SHOP

production goes on...

Here´s a preview-still of the upcoming episode called „the drunken one“. It will be part of the episode-film „About love, hate and the other ones“.

About Love, Hate and the other ones gets Honorable Mention at IGF

Good News!!!

The game „About Love, Hate and the other ones“ gets a honorable mention at the IGF student-showcase 2011. It´s always good and encouraging to get such a positive feedback.
I am deep in animation and programming to bring you the next episode as soon as possible. What I can tell you so far : After you did the first episode  and got into the world of LOVE and HATE the second episode will be more challenging and a new figure, which will give you new opportunities, will be introduced. So keep on gaming and watch out for the red button…


working on next game episode

After a intense christmas and a quiet new year party I´m again back to work on the next episode. There are still some levels to design and some code to write…

game released

Today I released the first 10 levels of the game „About Love, Hate and the other ones“. I hope you´ll like them.

Have a nice time with Love and Hate…

Tobias Bilgeri

here is the link :

Animation of first Clip is finished, Game will be released

The animation of the first clip of „About Love, Hate and the other ones“ is finally done. 3 other episodes have to be animated before releasing the clips. The clips are part of the whole project „About Love, Hate and the other ones“ which contains of an animated series and a game.

still of the first episode

The first Levels of the game „About Love, Hate and the other ones“ will be released at the end of this month.

Order the Newsletter

It´s now possible to order the „About Love, Hate and the other ones“-newsletter. Just go to the link „newsletter“ in the menu-bar, fill in your mail and stay informed.

Meeting with BG-Artist

Today I met with my BG-Artis alias S.Stamm to discuss the details of the BGs of the upcoming Shortfilm.